Our mission is to foster environmental, cultural and natural history education; to promote outdoor recreation;  to preserve biological diversity, and to conserve and manage natural resources in the Oneida Lake and Lake Ontario Watersheds.

The start of a new year is a good time to verify/renew your membership to ensure you don’t miss out on any events. We look forward to seeing you enjoy this beautiful conservancy!
Thank you for your continued support, 
Rusty Patane
Volunteer Executive Director


Hi GSC members and volunteers,

We have a Winter Hibernation meeting coming up Jan. 24th at 6:30 in the museum.  If you can’t make it please let me know your ideas or if you can give us a hand volunteering that day. I need volunteers for out doors-if we have snow, I need adults outside where kids sled down the observation hill, volunteer for the Swedish Candles-roasting marshmallows, assigning skis and snowshoes to the public, outside games for kids (if snow-tug of war, sled races).  I’m open for suggestions, comments.
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Board Meeting

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Who we are and what we do……

The primary focus area of the Great watchable wildlife collageSwamp Conservancy (GSC) includes approximately 36,000 acres on the south eastern shore of Oneida Lake in the towns of Lenox and Sullivan. this area is home to what the Iroquois called the Great Swamp, a remnant of Lake Iroquois.  The Great Swamp was drained for agriculture from late 1800’s to the mid 1900’s creating rich black muck soils. The GSC’s driving force has been to return a portion of these wetlands back to their original state through partnerships with landowners, and local, state, and federal governmental agencies.

Jr Birders at Overlook ParkThe GSC hosts a variety of school groups during the school year and summer months, teaching children about the importance of wetlands, wildlife, and natural resource conservation. Programs are geared toward helping children to develop a sense of community with and value for the natural environment. Programs can be tailored to any age group and facilities are ADA accessible. For high school, undergraduate and graduate students, the Conservancy also offers internship opportunities in wide variety of fields.

The GSC holds numerous events openJack Cotton and Paintings to the public, showcasing nature in all four seasons. Members look forward to the annual Spring and Fall migration festivals, where artisans and vendors from around Central New York come to showcase their wares and celebrate the arrival and departure of our migrant feathered friends. We have clubs that meet at the GSC monthly and weekly such as a stamping club, Swamp Snappers Camera Club, Art and Nature classes, and Yoga classes . Check the events page often for updates, or stop by the visitor center for a chat and to pick up a free event calendar. Past events include guided walks led by university professors, sketching classes with local artists, and presentations by regional wildlife experts.

There is something for everyone at the Great Swamp, and we welcome you to visit for the day, join us at events, become a volunteer, or even become a member!