Swamp Snappers Contest Winners

November Assignment



October Assignment


Candlelight Assignment

Candlelight Assignment Entry #1:
Howard Brodt
Candlelight Assignment Entry #2:
Tanya Kauffman
Candlelight Assignment Entry #3:
Deb Brewer


Macro Assignment

Macro Assignment Entry #1:
Pam Cummings.
Macro Assignment Entry #2:
Maxine Smith.
Macro Assignment Entry #3:
Tanya Kauffman.
Macro Assignment Entry #4:
Donna Ward.


Unusual Assignment

Unusual Christmas winner is:
Pam Cummings.
Unusual Selfie winner is:
Bill Maxin


Motion Assignment

First Place for Motion Assignment - Tanya
Second Place for Motion Assignment - MaryAnne
Third Place for Motion Assignment - Erin

2016 Year

First Place for the Year - Michael Clouse
Second Place for the Year - Erin Coon
Third Place for the Year - Pam Cummins
People's Choice for the Year - Sandee Persechino
Honorable Mention for the Year - Maxine Smith